Wednesday 6 July 2016

Online Grammar Tools

I was recently looking through my Tools for Teacher & Learners site and searching through the accumulated resources there - More than a thousand links.

I tend to feel that very few people go beyond what's newest on the front page, so I decided to start grouping the links together and posting them here. This first post features some of the best links to grammar orientated sites.

Deep Grammar
Deep Grammar is a grammar checker based on artificial intelligence. Deep Grammar uses deep learning (artificial neural networks) to learn a model of language. It then uses this model to check text for errors in three steps. 
  1. Compute the likelihood that someone would have intended to write the text.
  2. Attempt to generate text that is close to the written text but is more likely.
  3. If such text is found, show it to the user as a possible correction.
This page demonstrates a prototype of Deep Grammar. It assumes that text has been spell checked. 

You can use this to get students checking, correcting and improving their own written work before they submit it.

Sentence Tree
This is a great site that analyses the grammar of any sentence you type in and tells you the parts of speech of each word within the sentence. 

Students or trainee teachers can use this to analyse sentences and identify structures.

This is grammar instruction for the flipped classroom. Lots of video explanations of grammar points with interactive follow up quizzes. There is even an LMS so you can register your students and track them to make sure they do their homework. 

You can use this to get students learning the grammar at home so that they can spend more time in class doing practice activities and developing their speaking skills.

Grammar Gamble
This is a gamified grammar test. Students can gamble amounts of imaginary money depending on how sure they are that they have the right answer. The more they gamble the more points they win, but if they get the answer wrong they loose their money.

You can use this to encourage students to revise their grammar in a more entertaining way. There is even a leader board and students can post their scores through Facebook, etc.

Verb conjugation tool
This chart enables users to select a common verb and then see the various conjugations of the verb. 

This is a great tool to help students check their verb conjugations, especially for those at lower levels.

Close Test Creator
If you want to quickly create a close test based on a simple text, just cut and paste it into the main filed and it will take out random words or specific word forms. Great for instant lesson activities. 

This is a great tool to share with students. Teach them how to use it and they can create their own revisions tests.

Hemingway App
This app will analyse students grammar and make suggestions about how to improve it. The suggestions aren’t always right so students will still need to use their judgement.

Like DeepGrammar, this is a great way to get students editing, reviewing and improving their own written work before they submit it to you for marking.

Telescopic Text
I love this site. Just click on the grey parts of the sentence and watch it extend. This is a great tool for showing students how to develop their writing and make it more interesting by using a range of devices such as clauses, richer adjectives and adverbs and more detail.  You can also create your own sentences using: 

Get students to develop their writing skills by starting with a basic simple sentence and taking it in turns to add to the sentence and develop it. See which pair of students can build the longest sentence. 

I hope you enjoy these sites and find them useful. If you want more grammar related sites just click the link to see more Grammar links

You can find more tools like these in Digital Tools for Teachers

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