Thursday 5 November 2015

Why ebooks should be cheaper and how to get my book for free

One of the great things about digital publishing is that it enables any individual to distribute their ebooks to an international audience without having to use a physical distribution network.

This should enable publishers to deliver digital versions of their books for a fraction of the cost as they don’t have to pay the expensive printing, shipping, storage, redistribution and reseller costs that are necessary to get their paper-based versions of books sold all over the world.

As an independent publisher I’ve been able to use digital distribution channels to enable me to sell my ebook way below the price of a physical version of the book and at times, such as International Teachers Day, I’ve been able to give away more than 2000 copies in 24 hours without incurring any cost.

My own ebook retails for around the price of a sandwich (Perhaps a little less if you go to Starbucks).
  • Digital Video - A manual for language teachers - on iTunes
  • Digital Video - A manual for language teachers - PDF version:

One of the big downsides of digital distribution for teacher development books is still payment platforms. In many of the countries where teacher development books are most needed and where publishers could be using ebooks to deliver cut price products for teachers, access to international digital payment platforms is restricted due to either national legislation or lack of  hard currency. This often leaves teachers with no option but to turn to blackmarket sources and support digital piracy.

In an effort to counteract this I would like to make my ebook Digital Video - A manual for language teachers freely available to anyone without the means to pay for it who is willing to help me with a little research project.

If you would like to download a copy of my ebook and don’t have the means to pay for it please send an email to: nik.peachey (add the @ here)

  • In the subject line please write - Digital technologies for teaching research
  • In the body of the email please just tell me a about:
    • your teaching context
    • the country and type of school you teach in
    • the biggest obstacles you face using technology
    • how and why you use or want to use digital technologies to help your students.
I would like to use this information for research purposes and publish my findings, but all data will be anonymous and no name and contact details will be included.

Once I receive your email you will be sent a link so that you can download a PDF version of the  book completely free of charge.

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