Wednesday 24 September 2008

Drama Scripts for EFL ESL Students

Finding simple free drama scripts that we can use with EFL / ESL students can be something of a challenge, but I've just found a virtual (forgive the pun) gold mine of them on the Education World website.

They not only provide free downloadable versions of the scripts, but there is also a basic lesson plan with each one and some suggestions for vocabulary words students will need and follow up questions to ask the students.

The scripts are probably best suited for young learners or teens, but you might find something for adults too, as I haven't had time to look through them all.

Education World
has been around for years and it's easy sometimes to overlook sites like this because we are so focused on what's new, but the site really is worth checking out and has a real wealth of free materials.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Sonja said...

Hey, thanks! After searching and searching the internet, I was resigned to the fact that I'd have to write my own play script. This post and link to Education World saved my students from my inevitably unfunny script!
I found a great one that I can adapt a bit to suit my level. I'm now looking forward to summer camp!

titienwahyuni said...

Ohhhhhhh.... GREAT!!! You are ABSOLUTELY Right. It is a treasure for language teachers. Thanks a lot