Friday 12 September 2008

Autonomous Learning for EFL ESL Students

Well this news posting is actually about one of my own sites called Daily English Activities and this is a new site that I have launched to help EFL and ESL students develop their English language skills through online tasks.

I've tried to mix the tasks between activities that are 'made for' EFL ESL and ones that exploit generic websites. I've also tried to make these things that students could do every day.
So far the site is off to a good start with 9 activities up in the first week, the most popular of which is Exercise Your Ears with Authentic Film Clips.

So far the majority of the visitors seem to be teachers (80%) rather than learners (16%) but at this stage I'm happy with that as I think the site will be a useful tool for teachers wanting to set homework or for teachers wanting quick activities to print up for their students to do in a media centre or computer lab ( I've included a print as PDF function to make this easier)
To see a list of all the activities of the site so far please check out the sitemap and if you know of any EFL ESL teachers or students please send point them in my direction.

Activities so far:
Many thanks and best wishes

Nik Peachey


Agustin said...

I have visited the page and its quite useful . it contains information of education . Also it contain articles that are useful for teachers . it explains how we can use technology for academic purposes . Furthermore it explains a wide variety of pages their content and how we can use those pages for education . One of the sections that I liked the most is the one called Autonomous Learning for EFL ESL Students , because it describes how a student can use technology for their learning into an autonomous way .

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Augustin

I'm really glad you enjoyed this posting and hope you find the new site for autonomous learning useful.

Many thanks and best wishes