Wednesday 10 September 2008

AI and Chat Bots for EFL ESL

I've always been fascinated by AI since I saw the Stanley Kubric / Steven Spielberg film by that name some years ago. There used to be a fantastic chat bot on the website for the movie (which is now gone) that I developed a lesson around for a group of students in Morocco. ( A chat bot is a virtual person that you can type text to and get answers)

That's why I was so delighted to find Virsona. The site is still very much in development, but does have a virtual Abraham Lincoln that you or your students can chat with and other virtual personalities are being developed (including Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis).

The wonderful thing about Virsona though is that you can create your own chat bot quite simply, by registering and then adding information and training the bot to answer questions that it might get asked.

There are quite a few ways of adding information to the chat bot's log. You can either do this in the form of diary entries, uploading files or typing in questions and answers.
I've already made a start on a virtual Nik Peachey!
This is great language practice for students and a bit of fun too.

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Hope you enjoy it.


Nik Peachey

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I tried and it feel a bit weird to talk to a dead president. I googled for other chatbots and found Elbot. He's very good, funny and sarcastic. You can try him at