Thursday 31 January 2008

Edit Online videos looks like a really handy tool. It allows you to create your own channel and capture just the parts of various YouTube and other online videos. That way you can just show your students the parts you want them to watch. It also gives you an 'embed code' so that you can embed the video clip into your own blog or digital materials.

This is a nice way to grab and edit online video without having to download it onto your own computer and break the law.

Also helps to stop your students from wandering off onto other unsuitable stuff.

Hope you find it useful



Wednesday 30 January 2008

Build your own Facebook Apps

App in a box is a really interesting site that claims to be able to help you build your own Facebook applications within 5 minutes.

The site offers to help you build 5 different types of applications at the moment. These are:
  • Text
  • Mp3
  • Video
  • Image
  • Any combination of the above

They also have 3 new ones planned
  • Link to information on other social networks
  • A count down to an event
  • A quiz type app

If you are keen on getting students using social networks like Facebook and want to connect that to other work you are doing without all the hassle of learning lots of programming skills, then this looks worth a try.

I haven't tried it myself yet, so I'm not sure if it does all that, but will post something ( maybe even with a tutorial on once I have.

If you try or have tried it, by all means post a comment below and let me know how you got on.



Thursday 24 January 2008

Online photo editing

This isn't particularly educational but it is really impressive. It's an online photo editing and sharing ap. You can do a lot of the basic stuff and some of the more complex stuff that PhotoShop does and then post the pictures directly into Flickr, Facebook etc. or Splashup will even host them for you.

This really impressive for a free website!