Thursday 4 September 2008

Online Water Conservation Game

Educational games seem to be getting much better these days and Catchment Detox is a great example of that. It's an online game which you can play in the browser without any software downloads. It has similar gameplay to something like Zoo Tycoon, with students making budgeting decisions and deciding what areas to develop each year for 50 years.

Students have to manage a catchment area, protect the environment, develop the agricultural resources and balance this against conserving water and water quality.

There's a good video demo here showing how it's done: How to play

I had a go at this game and was fascinated. The language level is quite high, so non native speakers of English would need to be of a good level to cope without a lot of support. It would be a great way of developing their environment related vocabulary though.

It's great to see educational games are really being taken seriously in Australia. This is a great example of game that can really make students think, but still keep them motivated.

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Unknown said...

This is a really good game for my students. i work at a agricultural university and we all learn about environment issues.