Wednesday 6 February 2008

Temporary bookmarking

This is something I'm finding really useful right now. It's called Instapaper and it's something similar to a temporary bookmarking system. If you go to the site and create a log in, you can then drag a small icon from the page and onto your bookmarks tool bar. The icon looks like this:

Once the icon is in your tool bar you simply click it every time you find a page or an article on the web that you would like to read later (but don't have time at the moment) and it will create an entry on your Instapaper account page.

Then when you have time to read you go to the page and click on the links to the articles you want to read. The site then marks them read, allows you to delete them or if you prefer you can annotate them and keep them saved.

This must be a really handy tool for anyone doing web based research. It saves you having to bookmark a whole lot of stuff that you might want to delete later and is really quick and easy to set up and use.

Unfortunately, it won't read the articles for you though. Wonderful little tool, hope you find it useful.



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