Thursday 6 March 2008

Quiz widgets for your blog

A few weeks back I saw this nice and sometimes nasty collection of quizzes which you or your students can take. Many of the quizzes are interactive and when you finish them you get a widget that you can embed in your website showing your results.

Some of the quizzes would make interesting discussion in class. I particularly liked:

There are a couple of useful ones for developing vocabulary

If your students are all bloggers and have their own blogs you can create blog awards and get them to create awards for each other. Using the fun and serious blog awards widget

Things to be careful of:

  • This page is part of an online dating site, so be careful that your students don't start lining up dates while you aren't looking.
  • Some of the quizzes could be offensive such as 'How much is your dead body worth?' or 'How good would you be as a human shield?'
There are lots there to choose from though so do have a look.



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