Tuesday 22 April 2008

Conference presentation videos

Well as you may know if you read my earlier posting 'IATEFL online' I spent the earlier part of this month in Exeter at the 42nd Annual IATEFL conference working with a marvelous bunch of people from the British Council and IATEFL ,

We spent most of the week collecting, collating and editing as much material from the conference as we could and are now in the process of making it available online.

So if you couldn't get to the conference, but would like the opportunity to watch and listen to some of the presentations then go along to: http://exeteronline.britishcouncil.org

You may need to register, but it's fast and free. At present there are about 15 video presentations live and available along with presentation slides, notes and handouts from the sessions. Over the coming weeks we have a further 50 -60 audio recordings to make available.
There are also some pretty active forums if you want to network and discuss what you've been watching. I think this must be one of the biggest professional development opportunities available on the web and it's all free.

Hope you enjoy it.



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