Monday 1 December 2008

Rod Bolitho on TeachingEnglish

Over the last few months the BBC | British Council's TeachingEnglish website has been featuring a number of the ELT greats from the UK. These have included both Jane Willis and Dave Willis, as well as Barry Tomalin and most recently Mario Rinvolucri.

This month the guest blogger will be Rod Bolitho. Each feature includes video interviews, biography and almost daily blog postings.

Here Rod talks about the future of English language teaching and the growing relevance of CLIL

This is a great opportunity for teachers all around the world to learn from and interact with some really first rate UK ELT experts. You can see the rest of Rod's interview here: Rod Bolitho Interview

Hope you manage to get along.

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Kevan said...

Rod makes some very interesting comments about the future of CLIL and English Language teaching in this interview. It's nice to know that there will still be a job for English Language teachers but that it might be useful to also be able to teach a school subject in English too!