Monday 27 April 2009

Setting Learning Goals

Ever done one of those exercises where you get your students to decide on their learning goals? Do you ever get round to coming back to them and really seeing if they have been achieved?

Well here's a little tool that may well help. It's called FutureMe and it's like an email message that you can send to yourself in the future.

You just fill in the form with your message and then set a date for when in the future you want it to be delivered.

  • You can use this to get students to check back on their original learning goals.
  • You can use it to get students sending themselves reminders about new vocabulary they have learned. They can simply send themselves a message for a week or two in the future with the new words in and see if they can still remember them and what they mean etc.
  • You could also do this for test revision. So many students do their tests, look at the score and then forget what the answer was. They could send themselves the questions they got wrong or right and see if they can still answer them a week or two in the future.
  • The same could be done with errors and correction. They could send their mistakes to their future self to correct in a week's time.
  • They could even send themselves notes from lessons or texts or even their own compositions to review and correct.

is a simple tool and quick and easy to use and could well help your students to become more autonomous learners by getting them to revise and review their work on a regular basis.

Hope you like it.

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