Monday 13 April 2009

Interview with David Crystal

Whilst in Cardiff at the IATEFL 2009 Conference I was lucky enough to meet once again and interview one of the UK's most esteemed linguists and genuinely very interesting man David Crystal.

One of the things that for me makes David's work so interesting, is not only his knowledge of the English language, but his open minded curiosity about the way the language is evolving in new media and electronic genre. In the interview he talks about, among other things, the use of language within SMS and his own blog at: DC Blog

I hope you enjoy the interview and check out some of the many other 40 + videos from the conference at: Cardiff Online

Here's the interview.

You can read more about SMS texting in an article by David written for the Guardian website at: 2b or not 2b?
Hope you enjoy it.

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Russell Nichols said...

I had the pleasure of interviewing David Crystal for a story I wrote for Converge magazine. Very interesting indeed. You can read the story here: