Friday 15 May 2009

Get the Stars to Sing Your Students' Words

This is a site that I first saw about 4 years ago and then lost. It is called Let Them Sing It For You and I just found it on one of Laryy Ferlazzzo's lists (The Best Ways For Students To Create Online Content Easily, Quickly & Painlessly)

Like most of the best web tools and ideas in general it is very simple. You type words into a field, click a button and then you can hear the words being sung. You can them email a link to the song to yourself or a friend and then paste the link into a workheet or blog page etc.

The site generates the song through a huge dictionary of audio clips from famous songs, so the song is a collection of some of the worlds singers with each word by a different singer and from a different song. It's just such a wonderful idea and so quick to use.
  • You can get your students writing songs, short messages etc.
  • You can copy and paste in lyrics of songs (you can find lyrics here)and get your students to listen and try to guess what the original song was. Try this one.
  • Not all of the words are included in the database, so the site will put in words that have some of the same letters. You can use this by printing up lyrics for your students and getting them to listen and circle where the mistakes are.
  • You could even get them to listen and try to guess who sung the original words and what song they came from (probably easier for adult students as most of the songs are quite old)
Thanks again to Larry for helping me to rediscover Let Them Sing It For You one of my favourite tools.

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