Saturday 18 December 2010

Creating Video Sentences

Twist Our Words is a great site I spotted while watching TV in the UK. It enables you to create video sentences that are 'mashed up' from a collection of clips of UK TV celebrities saying each word. If you don't understand that then look at this example I created. Click the white arrow to play it.

Making a video like this is very simple, just go to: and you'll see a page full of words. Click on the words you want to put in your sentence.

Then click on the words will appear along the bottom. When your sentence is complete, click on the white arrow at the and to watch it.

If you like the video, then just click on submit and you'll be able to get a URL link for the video or and embed code to add it to your site or blog.

If you don't want to create your own sentence you can just click on 'Lucky Dip' and you'll get an automatically generated sentence.

I think Twist Our Words is a great tool to use with students to get them creating and listening to language.
  • They could try to make poems or haiku
  • They can produce a lucky dip sentence and then see how many word they can add to it without it loosing sense.
  • You could produce sentences that have errors in and get the students to try to spot the errors and correct them.
  • You can produce a collection of sentences and get students to decide which are correct and which are not.
  • You could have a competition to see which students can produce the longest grammatically correct sentence.
  • They could collect together all the words they can find that include a particular phoneme or all the word which rhyme.
  • They could try to make a video with all the words that contain 3 syllables and the same stress pattern.
I hope you can try a few of these ideas and they work for you and your students.

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Nik Peachey


Emma Herrod said...

Wow, what a great tool. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Emma Herrod

Silvers said...


Thanks for sharing so many fantastic tools.

I'm excited about the possibilities here though the word choice seems very limiting.......or is that the point?