Friday 8 November 2019

Video-based Lesson Plans for ELT and ESL Classroom

I've just had the great pleasure of looking around the Fluentize website and I have to say that I'm really impressed.

Fluentize is a collection of really high quality lesson plans and materials based around authentic online videos.
The lesson plans are very detailed and in most there is enough materials for around a 2 hour lesson, although it would also be easy to select a few of the activities and leave some of the others.

The lesson plans are really well structured with listening, vocabulary, writing, speaking and grammar focus activities that all look well thought out and appropriate for the level.

Fluentize offers plans for Level A2 to C1. At present it looks like the bulk of the material is around the B1 and B2 levels, which is the point at which it's great to start encouraging students to use authentic materials.
The videos have been really well chosen. They are high quality, short and are based on interesting and engaging content.

I really enjoyed one based around Will Smith having a date with a robot and another showing an interaction with a Google Assistant.
All the plans also have teachers' notes guides, so these are pretty much no prep ready to go materials.

Fluentize isn't a free site, although there are some free sample plans which you should try out:

If you like the plans and want to get more then you can buy individual plans for as little as $2.99 or you can buy packs of 10 plans and get a 17% discount. You can also take advantage of their monthly or quarterly subscriptions for a better value.

The cheapest way to get the Fluentize plans is to sign up for a subscription. If you think other teachers in your school will like them then it may be worth getting your school to subscribe as school subscriptions are very reasonable and white labelling is also a possibility.

These plans are really great and very professionally produced. They are ideal for anyone working with teenagers and adults. I hope you and your students enjoy Fluentize.

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