Thursday 20 March 2008

Working in Second Life

For a few months now I've been thinking about writing an article about why I decided to rent an office in Second Life and how my virtual office there has changed the way I work and the kind of business I do. I booted up the MAC this morning to get started and saw this article from Web Worker Daily. Well I guess this will save me some of the bother.

This is a really interesting article from Aliza Sherman about her usual business day in Second Life. Well worth a read.
If at the end of it you are still interested in what i do in my office, here's a quick video slide show created with PhotoStory 3.

Hope you enjoy this and get some food for though from it.




Aliza said...

Nice minimalistic office! I'm a big fan of bean bag chairs and tatami mats in SL. Thanks for linking to my Day in the Life piece on

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Aliza,

My pleasure. It gave me a few more ideas on how to work from home and not starve. I'll probably still write something (eventually) on how I use my office too, but I really enjoyed reading about your day.