Thursday 12 June 2008

Spore Creature Creator

I've just been having a look at the Creature Creator from Spore, the much anticipated game from EA. The Creature Creator should be available for download from Tuesday 17th June from the Spore site, though the game itself won't be released until September I believe.

There's a great article on Webware which describes all the amazing Web2.0 type features that gamers will have access to. These include the ability to create video and images and upload them directly to YouTube (great for machinima projects), as well as the ability to share creations for other gamers to work on and also each creature gamers create will become part of a Wikipedia style collection of information on all the Spore creatures created.

I think for educators, this must be one of the most exciting and potentially useful games ever created, as gamers will have the opportunity to design creatures from the microbial stage and nurture them and control their environment as they develop.

Anyway, I'll be queuing up next week to download (300mb) of Creature Creator and start designing my own creatures. Sadly the Creature Creator part isn't free, but at just under 5 GBP it's certainly not expensive.

Hope to be posting some of my own creations soon.


Nik Peachey

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