Wednesday 18 June 2008

The StockNews Game

This is a great game for business students if the level of their English is quite good. The game works in three steps.
  • User reads a business news report on a company
  • User predicts whether the companies stock will go up or down as a result of the news
  • User wins or looses points as a result of their prediction

The reading part is timed so it'll force your students to do some skimming and scanning and make decisions based on that information. The level is quite high though, but for developing business vocab and as a spring board to some discussion this is a definite winner.

Play the stock news game - StockNewsGame - rate real financial news and learn how to beat the market

You can keep playing for as long as you like and try to win back any losses or build up your fortune. If you register, your efforts are recorded and you can try to make it onto the top scorers board.

I'm sure this is a great source of news articles for use in class too and there must be some millage in trying to understand the graphs.

I actually got quite hooked on the game for a while, until I realised I was never going to be rich!
You can play the StockNewsGame here:

Hope you enjoy it.

Nik Peachey


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nik for your kind words - any other feedback about the StockNewsGame?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nik, where on earth do you get the time and energy from? Another fantastic resource that I will certainly be using with my online International Certificate of Financial English students in the Autumn. I like the way that you have the option to register or not and that there is a time limit in which to read the article, which like you say is a great way to get students to skim and scan. Excellent resource! Thank you.