Monday 3 November 2008

Turn Feeds into a PDF Newsletter

I've just found this quick and easy tool for converting a blog or website feed (or feeds) into a simple PDF newsletter. This is ideal if you want to share information with your non-techy colleagues or grab texts for use with students.
All you do is go to the Tabbloid website, click on 'Get Started', paste in the feed address and click on generate. The newsletter is created in 'tabloid' style and you can either email it to yourself or colleagues or just save it to your computer (in which case you don't even need to add an email address).

It's very simple, but also quite limited in that hyperlinks and images are lost and there's no customisation (would be nice to add your own title or headline), but it does enable you to combine any number of feeds into one simple document, so if you wanted to share and print content from a number of blogs to share around then this could be ideal. Here's an example that I created using the feed from my Daily English Activities blog
Hope you find this useful.

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