Saturday 20 June 2009

A Database of Film Scripts

Something that's always handy to have as either reading materials, support for video lessons or for drama projects, is access to up to date film scripts, so The Internet Movie Script Database is a great one to keep in your bookmarks.

It has quite a few up-to-date movies that are reasonably easy to access. You can search for a particular name or browse by genre or by alphabetical listing.

There's a landing page with a few ads on before you get to the actual script link, but one you get to the script it's reasonably easy to print or copy for you students.

As I said, there are lots of ways you can use these scripts:
  • Get students to learn and act them out
  • get students to read parts of the script and try to imaging the way the actor would say the lines (what kinds of emotions they would express through the words etc) then watch the films and compare.
  • Get students to watch the film and follow + analyse language
  • Get students to listen and mark on any features of pronunciation
  • Get students to listen the film and try to imitate pronunciation and record themselves
  • Use small parts as reading activities
  • You could cut and paste the script into something like CuePrompter and get them to read lines from it that way.
Scripts like this add a new dimension to reading activities because they use spoken language and screen / stage direction that push students to imagine and visualise how things would happen and be communicated visually on film.

I hope you and your students enjoy them. Here you can find activities for exploiting movies

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Nik Peachey


Sue Lyon-Jones said...

Some great ideas for activities there, Nik. Thanks for sharing!

Drew's Script-O-Rama is another site that's worth checking out if you are looking for film and TV scripts:


Nik Peachey said...

Hi Sue

Yes. Script-o-Rama is great. It's been around for ages too so is pretty reliable.