Monday 22 June 2009

Multiple Media Search

I have to say that I think Spezify has just become my favourite new search engine. I think this is a really great search engine to use in class with students or to get them to use. It's really simple. It displays all results as images and it searches a wide range of multiple media sources such as video, image Twitter etc, not only text.
To make a search you just type in your key word and all the results start to appear as images.

If you click on the small spanner icon at the top right you can adjust the setting.

There is a safe search option here which is on by default, so that's handy. You can also turn various other options on or off so that you restrict which sources are included in your results.

As I said I think this is a nice search engine to use in class on IWB / data projector or for students.
  • You could type in keywords to brainstorm around topics or themes for the class you are doing.
  • You could type in a keyword and get students to choose one result that they think will be interesting and get them to explore it as a warmer.
  • You could get students to find an image, a text, a video and a tweet and write / talk about the connection between them.
  • Or you could just use it to reinforce and find examples of vocabulary.
Hope you like Spezify and find some good uses for it in your class.

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Nik Peachey

1 comment:

Tara Benwell said...

Hey Nik,
This is so cool. Visual learners will love it! I can't wait to play around with it. Thanks for the find.