Friday 4 September 2009

Flashcards for ESL and EFL

Free ESL Flashcards is a simple site that delivers a very simple but really useful product for free. Flashcards! One of the most useful classroom tools every invented for language teaching!

There are loads of them on this site and they are really nicely drawn, easy print and quick to download. Most of all, like it says on the box, they are free.

The sets are listed alphabetically and hovering the mouse over the set title will show you what images are in the set.

Simply click on a set title to see the complete collection.

Then simply download the set at the size you want them.

This is a really handy resource put together by Eric. It does have some advertisements, well quite a lot, but then everyone has to eat, even Eric, and if you want to assist him in making a living you can leave a donation for him.

Great stuff Eric. Hope you are making a reasonable living from this.
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