Wednesday 2 September 2009

Write Your Own Quick Biography

Biographicon is a kind of who's who of anybody. It's actually a biography site where anyone can go and add information about themselves or anyone else!

This may seem a little bizarre, and it is, but the way the writer interacts with the site is quite interesting. You simply type in the name of the person who's biography you want to create and then click a link to generate questions about that person ( or yourself).

Completing the answers to the questions enables the site to generate the text for the biography. It really couldn't be any easier. If you don't like a question you just skip it.

I actually found it a lot of fun and some of the questions are really quite interesting and searching. This is a great tool for students to try out.
  • Students could write and share their own biography.
  • Write the fictional biography of a character from a book they are reading.
  • Create their own fictional characters' biographies as the basis for brainstorming their own creative writing project.
  • Write the factual biography of someone they are researching
  • Write a biography of one of their family members using the questions for the basis of an interview they do for homework.
  • Once biography has been created you can also discuss it with students by clicking the discussion link.
This is a really simple but very usable site. It does worry me though that it seems like anyone can go and edit the biography of anyone else, but I guess if you treat the thing like harmless fun then it isn't so serious.

I hope you enjoy this site and make sure you don't edit my biography! Oh perhaps it is serious after all???

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