Monday, 11 June 2012

Teachers are Like Sharks

In the classic 1977 movie - Annie Hall, there is a scene where Woody Allen compares relationships to sharks and says that they have to constantly move forward or they start to die. In many ways I think the same can be said of teachers. Many of us work with our classes in complete isolation and are rarely observed and when we are then it is often only for the purpose of quality check rather than as part of a process of continuous development.

In my own case I was often lucky enough to work in schools that had regular development seminars, or a lively staffroom where teachers willing talked about and swapped teaching ideas and materials. For many though I know this isn't the case, though the growth in access to Internet services has enabled a lot of teachers to find their own way towards their continuing development, so now as part of a workshop I'm developing I would like to ask you how you keep developing your teaching and which methods do you find most effective.

Please contribute your ideas to the questionnaire below. You can:
  • Add ideas for developing your teaching
  • Add Pros and Cons to the ideas
  • Vote for the 4 you think are most effective.

You can either add ideas below or click on this link to submit ideas and vote

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Thank you for contributing towards this research.

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