Monday 2 September 2013

Taking notes from the web on the iPad

Recently, while dong a workshop on mobile learning, I had a participant who had just bought an iPad and was upset because he couldn't easily switch between a website he was reading and a word processing program. He wanted to do what many of us do on a desktop or laptop computer and copy paste sections and quotes or take notes.

After some research I found the Side by Side browser. This is a simple free app that you can download to your iPad (Sorry, no Android version) which allows you to have a browser window open in one half of the screen and a note taking app in the other half. You can type notes then send them to who ever you want or store them in DropBox.

Here's a short video tour.

This is a really useful app for those students with or wanting to develop their digital literacy and study skills to the iPad.

I hope you find Side by Side useful.

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Nik Peachey


Gail Lovely said...

I have used Side-by-Side, but prefer SlingNote for the ability to capture parts of the site and my notes on the same document via the tools in the app and then use/save/share with others in pdf format. It is not free, but worth the $2.99... check it out!

Donna said...

Notes plus is my personal favorite. I believe it is free but the in app purchase of handwriting recognition works quite well. You cal also take photos and embed them in your notes. Works very well to capture presentation slides on the fly.