Tuesday 3 October 2017

Improve Writing Skills with Peer Evaluation

Getting students to peer evaluate can be a real organisational challenge in the classroom, but now it looks like there is a simple technological solution. Peergrade is a great tool to get students assessing each others’ work and giving each other feedback.
You can create classes and then assign digital assignments that can include a range of different media. These assignments are then sent to students.

The students then complete and submit their tasks online. Once they have submitted their assignment they then grade the assignments of their peers. You can decide on how many peer assignments they have to grade.

After they have graded their peers they are able to find the feedback from their peers on their own work.

As the teacher you can set up rubrics for the students to use when they grade each others' work.

The platform also has a live session mode that enables you to do writing work in the live connected classroom.

Peergrade looks like a really excellent tool to encourage a process approach to writing and to encourage students to think more deeply about how their work is evaluated and what they should be aiming to achieve.

The basic account is free and unlimited. If you want to use this regularly and especially if you want to implement the use of it across your school then it's well worth checking of the other subscription models as it's very reasonably priced and helping to support apps like this is more likely to ensure they continue to develop.

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