Wednesday 29 November 2017

Get Students Researching Words and Phrases in a Digital Audio Corpus

This is an amazing resource for finding genuine audio examples of words and phrases in seconds.

FluidDATA is really simple to use and delivers fast results. Simply type in your word or expression and the search engine will produce a list of web-based audio files where the phrase appears.

It will also show you the written context the work appears in.

This is an amazing audio corpus that you and your students can use to study the lexical use of words and phrases as well as variations in pronunciation. Get students to find examples of language points and vocabulary they are studying and deduce meaning from context.

The site also shows you the source of the audio files so this has the added benefit of helping your to find useful open access podcasts on any topic you may be interested in.

FluidDATA is a fantastic free resource for any linguist, teacher or student of English.

You can find 100 + more tools and resources like this in my ebook Digital Tools for Teachers - Second Edition or if you want to train other teachers to use these kinds of tools check out the Teacher Trainers’ Edition.

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