Wednesday 8 October 2008

Videos for Global Issues Lessons

There's a fantastic collection of videos which can be used for focusing on Global Issues on the OneWorldTV YouTube channel. There are more than 100 of them and they focus on different issues from around the globe.

Here's how OneWorld describe themselves:

"OneWorldTV is a unique public platform for filmmakers, video journalists, NGO's and just about anyone with a video camera and an interest in social issues. It gives you the opportunity to access video messages and short films from around the world. Anyone with access to a camera and computer can contribute their films."

This is pretty emotive stuff, so be careful about the age groups and how you use it with your students. This is an example about cluster bombs dropped on South Lebanon.

The videos are mostly quite short, so they can be used with some lower level language speakers if you grade your task effectively. This is a fantastic resource on topics that are often hard to approach in class.

Hope you find these useful.

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