Monday 13 October 2008

Writing Project Community

WeBook is a great tool for writing projects. The great thing about it is that you can work on a writing project collaboratively, and submit it to the community for feedback and advice. Once you feel your writing is finished you can also enter it into a poll and WeBooks is even proposing to publish some work if enough people like it.

It seems like a great tool for EFL ESL writing projects as it offers your students the opportunity to get feedback from other people.

There are also some nice writing support tools in the 'Toolbox' section. I especially like the 911 writers' block tool and the writing tips in the Writing secrets section.

This is definitely a site for adults rather than young learners, as there are community elements and some of the writing is more adult orientated, but for general English students' writing projects I think this is a nice way to add extra motivation to writing tasks and adopt a more process writing approach. There's also quite large group of writers there discussing each other's work and helping with tips, sharing experience too, so that could also make interesting reading.

Hope you enjoy it.

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