Thursday 23 October 2008

Creating a Nation

Back in my classroom days I used to play a simulation game which my students always enjoyed. They were given a budget and country to run and they had to work in groups to decide how they would spend the budget to protect and develop their country.

Cyber Nations seems to have taken that game one step further and created an online simulation which students can play over a period of time. Actually 'one step further' is a bit of an understatement, as once players have created their nation and started to develop it and decide on the budget, taxes and governmental policies etc. they are then launched into competition with other nations that other players have created.

They have the chance to develop alliances, form trade partnerships and even attack or aid other countries.

This is a wonderful way to get students talking, reading, thinking and experimenting. You could either get students to form nations in small groups, alone, or you could have a class nation which you ruled democratically as a class project making new decisions each class.

The site is free, but it does require a password to register and activate your account.

Hope you enjoy this and find the time to get your students playing it.

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