Tuesday 31 March 2009

IATEFL 2009 Conference Online

Well I have arrived in Cardiff where I'm working with the online team for the 2009 IATEFL conference. The venue is fantastic with some great architectural features and some wonderful sculpture. I'm a particular fan of chandeliers so here's a particularly nice one.

A part from the architecture, there will be plenty to see, even if you aren't able to attend. A number of the sessions will be streamed live from the conference, and you can see a list of these along with times at: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2009/live-sessions

We will also be videoing as many as 40 of the sessions and making them available asynchronously at: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2009/programme/home so you can start checking those out after the next few days. You will also have the opportunity to comment on the sessions and engage with the presenters.

To keep up to date with what's happening register at: http://iatefl.britishcouncil.org/2009

Hope you enjoy the sessions and get involved with the special interest group forums. You can see more images from IATEFL 2009 here

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