Friday 13 March 2009

Exploiting Travel Images

I have to say that I do really enjoy the multimedia pages on the New York Times website. I think they really demonstrate how web based journalism can add new dimensions to a story.

One of the things that I particularly like is the multi media slide shows, and I think these are great to use with students as the images are strong and can arouse their curiosity, and the amount of authentic text isn't too much so students with a reasonable intermediate level of English they will be prepared to struggle through it. They are also nicely categorised around themes, which makes it easier to use a group of them to design materials around.

Suggestion for a travel lesson

This is a very simple idea that I came up with for exploiting the travel slide shows.
  • Just give your students the links to 3 or 4 of the different travel destinations.
  • Ask them to watch and read the slide shows and decide which of the places they would most like to visit for a holiday.
  • Make sure they justify their decision, the ask them to discuss or write about what they would do or see there and who and what they would take with them.
  • If your students choose different destinations you could pair them and ask them to persuade their partner to change destinations and come to the place they want to go.
Here are some of the destinations they could choose:
Well I hope you and your students enjoy some of these marvelous images. You can find more activities based around images on my Daily Activities blog

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