Monday 23 March 2009

Great Collection of Short Films

I was first attracted to The Hyde Tube because of it's fantastically simple interface, but once I started looking at the content I was really knocked out by its huge collection or really great short movies.

They have been divided into 3 simple categories.
When you click on one of the thumbnail images, the video opens in the top left of screen. I was also pretty impressed by how fast everything loaded. My first impression, from the name (including 'Tube') was that this was yet another YouTube ap, but it looks like the films are unique content.

This kind of short visually powerful material is great for language classes and a great way to stimulate discussion and descriptive language use. Even something as simple as getting students to watch and develop a narrative for a clip can work well.

If you click on the share link above a video it will also provide you with a unique URL for that video so you can direct students to the ones you want them to watch.

Great stuff, free, all really simple and great to see that YouTube doesn't have ALL the best content.
Hope you enjoy it.

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