Wednesday 11 March 2009

Ideas for Creative Writing

The Movie Plot generator is a handy site if you want to get fun ideas to get your students doing creative writing.

It's very simple, it automatically generates new movie plots each time you refresh your browser
The plots are very simple and based around two characters and an, often strange, scenario.

The ideas are ideal though to stimulate your students' imagination. You could ask them to produce a short script for a scene from the movie.
  • Scene where hero and heroine meet
  • Scene where they realise they are in love
  • Opening scene
  • Final scene
  • etc
Or you could use it to generate five or six scenarios and get students to vote of the one most likely to succeed / worst etc.

Or they could just write the story in more detail based around the plot.

Lots of quick, simple, creative language practice.(Some scenarios may not be suitable for younger learners)

Hope you enjoy it.

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Brilliant and fun tip!
Thanks for very much for sharing it.