Tuesday 22 June 2010

eBooks for Kids that Read Themselves

I've just spotted this wonderful online library for young learners called MeeGenius. It has a great collection of classic stories and fairy tales that are delivered as illustrated online books.

The library is very easy to navigate, just click on the book you want. You can personalise the books my selecting the names of the characters in the book, though you have to register to save these, or just read through by clicking on the button to read and clicking to turn pages.

You can also click on the 'Play' option and when you do this you hear the book being read to you with the words being highlighted as you hear them.
This is a great site to help younger learners with their reading. the stories are ones that will probably be familiar from their L1 anyway and this combined with the audio support and word highlighting should really help not only with their reading but also their listening skills and pronunciation.

There is also a mobile app for iPhone- iPad - iTouch, but it isn't free (the website is free). I bought it for about 2 euros and it works pretty effectively. You still have to download each book before you read it, so this is best done on a wireless connection (so you aren't paying mobile rates) but it is then stored on your device until you want to read it.

The site and the app are really good recommendations for parents if you want to advise them on how to support their kids learning development and help them to read with the kids.

I hope you find MeeGenius useful.

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Nik Peachey


Nina Lyulkun said...

Hi Nik!

As usual your posting is valuable for kids to learn to read and parents or teachers to help them.
The website is really great! I have shared the link with my friends and colleagues to explore it.
Thanks a lot for being that helpful.

Jimmy said...

I'd like to second nagora.

I'm an English teacher in Korea and blogs like this can give you that little something that turns a lesson from average to exceptional.

Keep up the outstanding work.

sharon noseley said...

From a busy teacher in Greece, using course books lacking imagination anf the chance for my ss to read and listen..these links are invaluable!

Thanks for saving us all here!