Thursday 27 November 2008

Video Clips for Teaching English

I've just been looking over a really useful site called TeflClips which has a collection of lesson plans for using YouTube video clips to teach English. The creator of the site, Jamie Keddie, includes step by step procedure instructions as well as downloadable materials for use in class.

At the moment there are 28 lesson plans on the site, with a new one being added every week, and these vary from focusing on specific grammar points to dealing with different themes or skills. The lesson plans are very creative, each one taking a unique approach to the materials and many have links to additional digital materials too.

The site is nicely designed and focuses on delivering the materials rather than incorporating a lot of slow loading 'sticky' content. There's also a link to a clips resource page which has a lot of useful clips if you want to create your own lessons.

This is a really useful site for EFL teachers looking for ready made lesson plans or some inspiration or good ideas on how to create their own. Well worth checking out.

Nice one Jamie. You can also find out about other interesting things Jamie is up to at:

Hope you enjoy using these plans with your EFL ESL students.

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Nik Peachey


Mallika Mani said...

Awesome resource Nik. Just a few days ago, few teachers in a city school showed me a clipping from YouTube( Julius Caesar) that they planned to use with their learners.They were struggling to integrate the clipping seamlessly into a letrature lesson to achieve the learning objectives. I promised to help them with a sample lesson plan and your blogpost came as a godsend. I am thrilled! Thank you.

Nik Peachey said...

That's great.
Glad to be of service.