Wednesday 18 February 2009

Clothes Vocabulary

Polyvore is a great site for exploring clothes and fashion vocabulary at different levels and with varying degrees of complexity.

Basically what your students can do is go to the site at: and then click on 'Create a look'. They then create a 'look' by dragging in various articles of clothing from the tabs at the sides.

They can even add text and label the articles they have added, add different backgrounds and even match their 'look' to a style of music by dragging in album covers.
Nice one for the girls and perhaps even the boys too.

If you register you can save the various 'looks' you create. The website does have a commercial side to it as it is a showcase for different products, so be sure your students don't start getting out their credit cards, unless of course they are old enough and do actually want to buy some of the products.

Students can have fun creating labelling and comparing 'looks'. They could see who could come up with the best look for a particular type of music, or even see if they can create a 'makeover' look for their teacher!!

Hope you have fun with this.

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