Thursday 12 February 2009

Darwin and Evolution

I've just been having a little play with a great feature on one of the Open University's websites Devolve Me.

The site is dedicated to Darwin and as well as having some useful information and resources about him, has a wonderful little tool to take yourself backwards through the evolutionary process.

Just upload your image adjust it for position and then watch yourself transform back for a few million years.

So if you would like to see how I got from this:
Through this

To this
Then just click on this link here and watch as I go back through time: Nik Devolved
Be sure to play with the little slider to take me backwards and forwards.

As for classroom exploitation:
  • You could transform a few people using images of famous people then see if students can guess who they are.
  • You could also get your students to transform images of themselves and guess who they are.
  • Or you could be serious and use this to start a discussion on evolution. Students can post and compare their opinions to the 'Have your say' forum

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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