Monday 12 February 2018

Create Engaging Video Tasks with Kapwing

Kapwing is a great free online video editor that makes a number of video editing activities simple.

Using the tool you can:
  • Add subtitles to videos
  • Trim the length to focus on specific sections.
  • Resize and loop
  • Add meme text to video
  • Add sound effects
  • Create stop motion video

All you need is either your own video file or the link to a clip online.
  • Go to the site, choose what you want to do and then use Kapwing’s easy interface to carry out your edit.
  • Once you have finished just click on create. 

The tool is free to use and just adds a small logo. If you want to get rid of the logo, then you can pay a minimal amount to download a version with your own brand or logo on. There are no subscriptions necessary so you just pay for the videos that you want when you want them.

Here are some great activities you can do with these tools.

Adding subtitles
  • You can students use the tool to transcribe or translate a video.
  • You can get them to add narrative to a silent video or cartoon.
  • You can ask them to add what the people are thinking or feeling instead of the script.

Trimming video
  • You can focus students on just a short part of a clip.
  • You can edit one clip into 3 - 4 sections and then get students to watch and put the sections in the correct chronological order.
  • You can create a video gap-fil and take a section out of a video clip and see if students can guess what happened in the missing part.

Add meme text
  • You can use short action clips and get students to think of memes to go on them. These could be quotes, advice, idioms or just something funny.

Having a free browser based tool Kapwing can help you to create interesting and engaging materials for students, but it can also allow students to get some hands on experience of editing video and so help to build their digital literacies.

I hope you and your students enjoy using Kapwing. You can find lots more ideas, lesson plans tools, video tutorials and teaching suggestions in my award winning ebook - Digital Video - A Manual For Language Teachers.

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