Saturday 6 June 2009

Survey Creation Tool for Students

Ask 500 People is a really simple single question survey tool. You have to register, but once you do you can make a survey in just a few minutes.
You just give your survey a name, then decide on the type of questions you want to ask.

There are four types
  • Simple Yes / No
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Clines (degrees of agreeing vs disagreeing)
  • Image select (user select one of a range of images)

One of the nice things about it is that users can leave comments if they register and so you can get information on the people who give the answers (gender, age etc.)
Perhaps what I like best of all for students though is that you can also see on a Google map where the answers came from.

This is great if you are getting students to create surveys as they will get a really genuine feeling that they are able to get opinions from around the world, which must be so much more motivating than just asking the person next to you in class.

There are also some very good, though many quite controversial, questions already up there and you could get you students discussing some of those and answering them in class and then comparing their opinions with some of those on the website and perhaps even posting their opinions (Check out the questions you use first in case their is anything offensive). Also great for doing Business English classes on market research and thinking of questions they could ask about products.The other nice thing is that you get a choice of embed codes to either add the survey to a site page or sidebar as well as a hyperlink you can share.

Here you can see the page widget with results and comments.

I hope you and your students enjoy it. Here you can find quiz based activities for students.

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Nik Peachey


Ryan said...

Thanks, Nik, for the review! We've been very impressed with many of the applications educators have come up with in using our site. Keep on blogging!

Dan said...

Hey Nik, thanks for sharing all this. I'm wondering if you could recommend an online survey tool with an option for privacy and where results and comments can be emailed directly to the creator of the survey. Thanks.


Nik Peachey said...

Hi Dan

Thay shoud do most of what you want.