Wednesday 6 September 2017

Collaborative Story Writing for the BYOD Classroom

TaleShip is a really interesting app for developing reading and writing skills in a collaborative and creative way.
Photo by Ari He on Unsplash
The app is based around a common classroom activity in which students write stories together by adding a sentence and passing it on to another writer. The next writer then adds a sentence and either passes it back or passes it to another student. The process continues until the story is finished.

In this app version users create an account and then write the introduction to the story. You can add links to images in the introduction phase too, so this can help inspire other writers. Once the introduction is create you can either make it public, share it through social media
or share it with selective people.

The app works both synchronously and asynchronously and has a text chat window on the side of the interface so students can interact with each other as they build the story.
The app works in the browser so it will run on a laptop or mobile device. This makes it particularly suitable for the BYOD classroom.

TaleShip is a great way to get students writing collaboratively and you can follow it up with some peer correction or get the students to take the stories and enhance and improve them by adding more description and detail.

Here is an example activity I created. Feel free to contribute to the story if you wish. 

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