Monday 11 September 2017

A Tool for Creating Interactive Fiction with Students

Inklewriter is a tool for creating interactive narrative or what I used to call reading mazes. These are stories that present the reader with various options through the story and allow the reader to choose how the plot progresses as they read through.

To start writing your own story just click on ‘Start Writing’, then give your story a title and add the first paragraph. You can then add the options for your reader.

The site tracks your options as you build the story and you can also see an overview map of the different connections as you write.

To find our more watch the very clear tutorial.

Before using this with students it’s a good idea to get them to read one of the stories so they understand the concept.  This might be a useful one to get your students started - ‘The Sand and the Scarab’ by Cian Gill

To use this with students you could create a story yourself or choose one of the stories featured on their blog and build comprehension tasks or just let students read and then compare their journeys through the story.

You can also get your students to write a story collaboratively and take it in turns to add the different options at the end of each paragraph.

Inklewriter is a great tool to get students writing and makes the process of creating this kind of branching interactive narrative much easier to manage.

You can find more tools and activities like these in my ebook 20 Tech Enhanced Activities for the Language Classroom.

The book is available on iOS or as PDF for other devices.

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