Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sutori for Collaboratively Creating Digital Narrative Timelines

Sutori is a wonderful tool for creating content rich interactive digital narrative.

The narrative time line is displayed in a vertical single webpage and students can just scroll down through the elements of the story.
Stories can include a wide range of media including video, audio, text, and quiz type objects as well as forums. Once created they can be embedded into websites, blogs or shared through social media.
There are some wonderful examples and a specific section for teachers on the site.
Here are a few examples that I really liked:

Creating your own narrative is very easy. Just register and go to your dashboard. Then click the cross to add a story. You can then add a title and introduction  and start adding various interactive learning objects and media.

Once your narrative is started you can also invite others to collaborate and build the time line with you.

Once the narrative is complete you can share it or even print it as a PDF.

You can use Sutori to create interactive reading tasks for students, or better still get your students to use it to create their own project or research presentations or as task outputs as a means of assessing how much they have learned.

Sutori is a marvellous tool and free to use for teachers, but there are also premium subscription which offers learner tracking and management services, so if this is a popular tool in your school it could be worth supporting the company and investing in a subscription.

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