Monday, 25 September 2017

Make PDF Texts into Interactive Online Activities for Blended Learning

This tool enables teachers to build onto more traditional course book based courses and add a blended learning element. Once you have created an account you can upload PDF documents, or buy in text books from publishers or book stores and add them to courses.
You then give your students a code to register on the course and they can access the texts, make notes and annotate the text and build discussions around them.

The site also generates a ‘confusion report’  which can show you where the students are struggling or having problems with the text, then you can deal with the problems in the next class.
When you register as a teacher you need to tell the site which school you teach at. You can try a live demo of a course to see how it works at:

Perusall is a useful tool for turning a face to face course into blended learning without too much extra work.

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