Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Great Tool for Collecting Digital Research

This is a really useful Google Chrome plugin and iOS app that students can use to save quotes, links, screen shots or images from websites as they do online research.
Once the plugin has been installed, they just highlight parts of the webpage they want to save and click on the yellow icon. 

The information is saved into their account.  The 'notes' are saved as cards and these can then be added to collections (Storylines).

All information that is saved is linked back to the original source and students can add notes about the information and why they saved it. They can also organise and re-arrange the information they save to make it more accessible.
Lumio is a great study tool for doing digital research and a great way to build students’ digital literacy skills.

You can find more tools and activities for developing critical thinking and digital literacies in my ebook - Thinking Critically through Digital Media
The book is available on iOS or as PDF for other devices.

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