Tuesday 12 September 2017

Create Speaking Activities Based on Sequences of Images

This app enables teachers or students to create sequences of images and videos and record a monologue about each one.
The images can be ones they have created themselves or they can find images by using the apps search function. The image search draws on Creative Commons images from:
Students can also add annotations, emojis and other ornaments to the images.
The app then exports the sequence and monologue as a video file that can be shared through social media, email or embedded into a blog or website.

Here's a quick tutorial:

Shadow Puppet is a great tool for creating digital narrative, doing reports or homework assignments or creating more personalised speaking activities.

You could also use it as a portfolio tool and get students talking about any work they have created.

The site also includes lesson ideas for a range of topics across the curriculum as well as some useful printable resources for the classroom. At present it is only available for iOS.

I hope you and your students enjoy this tool. You can find links to many more  sites like this and activities for the digital classroom in my ebooks at: http://peacheypublications.com/. All my ebooks are available for iOS and as PDF.

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