Tuesday 29 July 2008

Free Sounds for your Multimedia Teaching Materials

Digital sound effects can come in really handy for multimedia materials design projects and to inspire the imagination of our students.

Soundsnap is a really nice site which has a good size collection of free sound files. They are neatly catagorised and easy to search and you can preview them before you download them and most of them come in a variety of formats from wav, mp3, aiff.

You can register, but you don't need to.

Earlier this year I wrote a posting on my technology blog which looked at SoundTransit and I suggested a few teaching tips and ideas there, most of which would apply to these clips too.

See: Soundscapes from SoundTransit

Soundsnap is a really nicely designed user friendly site with a great collections of sounds.

Hope you enjoy these.




Shamblesguru said...

Thanks ... I didn't know of this one .... have added to my own list at http://www.shambles.net/pages/school/SoundE/

Adam B. said...

Great tip ... sound effects can be very hard to come by. And really enhances the usability of multimedia-experiences.

Nik Peachey said...

Hey Chris,

That's a great collection of links you have to sounds on your Shambles.net site. Useful stuff. I'll have to start plundering those at some point.