Monday 21 July 2008

Great Video Commenting Tool

I've just been playing with a new tool called Bubble Comment that enables you to create video comments about websites.
The tool is free and easy and quick to use. There's no registration required, and when you're finished you simply get a link url like the one above that you send to people to show them your comment.

You get about 90seconds to give your comment and you need a microphone and a webcam of course. You just open up the web page you want to comment on and select the appropriate microphone and camera driver.

This would be a nice tool for students to use to talk about and share their favourite websites. Or it could be a good way for you to share websites with your students, rather than having and text annotated list of resources.

Really handy stuff. I might start using it with each of my posting here.

Hope you enjoy it.


Nik Peachey

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Chris said...

Thanks for your review.
I love some of the products/services you have included on your blog. Very well done. I enjoyed searching your archives.

PS: Be sure to check out our sister sites at , (vcards), and also!

ALICIA REY said...

Great idea - Idea generator- Good stuff for learners blogs , for example...