Monday 28 July 2008

Social Networks and the Web 2.0 Revolution

Social networks and what has been described as 'Web 2.0' are having a prfound influence on the way we can 'design' and deliver online learning.

As part of an ICT training course I worked on recently I delivered a short opening presentation entitled 'Social Networks and the Web 2.0 Revolution'. I was later encouraged to record this presentation by Jurgen Wagner for his 'Info Blog' and you can either view the presentation there at:
Or watch a YouTube version below.

By publishing this presentation, I'm sharing my opinion and my perception of the way things have developed and I don't presume to be an authority in this area. When i watch the pesentation I can already see that there are some flaws in the way I've expressed or portaryed my understanding of the situation.

I would welcome any comments or different perspectives on this, so please do feel free to drop me a line / comment.

Nik Peachey


Alicia said...

I've got a technical question here, Nik: I know you use camtasia a lot, but what did you use for the youtube version?

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Alicia,

For the YouTube version I used Camtasia Studio 5, saved it as an mov (was about 10Mb) file, then uploaded that to YouTube, which speeded up the laoding a bit.

I also use BBFlashback quite a bit, but have been trying out Camtasia.


Hala said...

Hi Nik,
Great presentation and very informative, esp. for novice teachers.May I excuse you for showing it on a workshop with novice teachers in a coming workshop in Khartoum? I will send a formal email too.
Thanks in advance.
Hala from hot Khartoum

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Hala,

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes by all means feel free to use it in any workshops. I'm flattered and glad to have the materials used where ever they can be. If you prefer, you can download a better quality version from: It's 10Mb though so it could take a while if you don't have broadband.

Good luck with the workshop and do let me know how it goes.